Strictly control the production process and detailed technical and post operation SOP for production process,operators implemented strictly,workshop equipped with QA personnel that led by quality department,responsible for monitoring production and deviation in the operations.


The qualified products after inspection,must pass inspection again by review personnel,we investment to reformed for each workshop to ensure clean level reached the requirements of the new GMP standard,Intelligent production workshop has realized the intermediate material pipeline.


Huisun investment of more than 20 million dollars, establish a three-dimensional finished products warehouse to ensure the quality of the product storage,using automated handling, do not need manual operation,all the procedures are completed by computer systems and operating equipment.


Strengthen the management of finished product testing and product release,we made higher than the legal standards of internal control for each product adn test laboratory in strict accordance with the internal control standards.


The automatic packaging of products can eliminate the pollution,we invest more than 100 million Dollars to purchasing a high performance liquid chromatograph,infrared spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer,chromatography and other advanced foreign testing instruments, to ensure a high level of detection.


Huisun production in strict accordance with the GMP requirements, high standards and strict, ensure the quality of the product.We formulate the supplier audit management regulations, set up audit team,audit for all our raw material supplier and finally determine the qualified supplier.